The ARCC Report, the Microequity Stock Exchange

September 29, 2020 Eric Tao
The ARCC Report, the Microequity Stock Exchange
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The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve ( has just launched, the Microequity Stock Exchange. It’s the world's first microequity exchange that allows micro participation in the global tech equities market.'s mission is to create a financially inclusive platform for equities on the microfinance level for developing and emerging markets.

Today's conversation is with managing director, Sinjin David Jung. Sinjin, and I go in depth on, covering everything from the field of microfinance, the history of microloans and how they affect the urban working poor, to the urgent need for new financial products that are less invasive in nature. We cover the innovative financial structure of a microequity and how the blockchain makes it all possible. And lastly, we cover the all important topic of financial inclusion and the need to mitigate risk for users and Sinjin answers the all important question of why he decided to create in the first place. 

All this and much more on the ARCC REPORT!

What is micro finance?
What are micro loans?, the Microequity Stock Exchange
The technological innovation of the microequity
The MATTANG group of stocks used for microequity
How to mitigate risk for users
Why he decided to create