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The Upcoming Economic Downturn And What That Means For Southeast Asia

July 01, 2020 Eric Tao Season 1 Episode 1
The ARCC Report
The Upcoming Economic Downturn And What That Means For Southeast Asia
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This episode focuses on the financial and societal effects of the COVID-19 virus and what the conditions of the upcoming economic downturn that we're about to enter could mean for people in the developing nations of Southeast Asia.  Today's conversation is with IBMR's Managing Director, Sinjin David Jung, and with IBMR's Head of Research, Cyrus Afkhami.  

Sinjin discusses how the current global leadership has never been tested the way they're being tested now, and how it could lead to major social problems and changes during the world's recovery. He also talks about how governments and infrastructures throughout the world are currently being exposed as insufficient. And that it's the poor and the working classes who will inevitably suffer the most. But there is a silver lining in all of this. Throughout the world, we're starting to see examples of people organizing themselves to take care of their communities and solve the issues that their governments couldn't solve. Be it delivering food to those who need it or procuring much needed masks and PPE for frontline healthcare workers, people are coming together and looking out for one another. 

All this and more on this episode of The ARCC Report! 

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